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Once again I will say Posted At 00:45:53 01/20/2001
If you are sent for a mental check up through the State of Oregon make sure you don't get one from a Dr.Saser. The *appoinment* last only 45 minutes if that and you get denied. A true *evaluation* is 6+ to 8 hours. I wonder what the *bill* was when it was sent in? You know I am sure the Oregon tax payers don't mind paying 6 to 8 hours worth the wages for a true 45 minute. Or do they? I don't know maybe some tax payer that are *not hurt* could answer weather they like that idea or not.Watch out for the trick questions. there are two of them
the first on will be #1 What does don't throw rocks at glass house's mean. and the #2 What does DONT CRY over spilt milk mean.
Something is tied up here if you ask me.

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