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Author Subject: Re: What happens when they say you are at MMI
Webmaster Posted At 00:48:30 01/20/2001
I have read some of the replys to your question, Thanks for helping this injured worker, But I do have a few things to point out.

First off, What state are you in, This will help in answering your questions.

Consider the fact that you may not be able to return to your old job, If your employer is going to create a new job for you, That is great news for you, Most injured workers are fired for getting hurt on the job because the company refuses to do right by them.

Get the information about your new job duties to your Doctor right away,
The doctor may be able to help determine if you can do this type of New Job. This is very Important!!!.

One persons reply was to hire an attorney, This may not be your best course of action at this time, If you live in Oregon,I urge you to call the Ombudsman for Injured workers at 1-800-927-1271.

Remember if you return to a new position with your employer, Stick to your restrictions and let your voice be heard ,if they try and push you into doing something you aren't able to do you may reinjury yourself, making matters worse.

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