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Nod to Marty and the Rest. Posted At 00:51:28 01/23/2001
Yep and that is it to!! You are given workmens comp for the first few weeks long enough for them to go BUY any and all or even just in part your history.. then when they fugure out what kind of story they are going to make up then you get denied. Of coarse unless you were well to do and had a regular doctor all your life that knows you. For the single moms and dads we all know its the kids whos health gets taken care of first in a family, who can afford anything after that? I know I couldn't. Now that all my saves and money from my moms death is gone I am on AFS... trying to get SSI/SSD/W.C. my children are all saying why is it that they like to see us so broke. Why wont anyone let us have enough money while mom is trying to get better. How terrible this is not only to the injured worker but their families as well!! After working for a company 10 or more years and to try to find something that your body can do for the sake of the children as you watch them wear the same cloths.. sickens me. No wonder why we have angry teens about in this world the places that are suppose to be there for you when down and out are not. My kids cant understand why people with drug and alchol problems get SS, and a person that had a damaged body and doesnt do those things have to strugle. God Luck with the doctors report same here the story sounds way to familiar.

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