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Looking at Work Comp. Pages Posted At 23:47:53 01/26/2001
I have been reading some of the cases that the unrepresented injured workers have had in the Court of Appeals just this year. Just by reading how they missed their hearings and forgot this form and missed filing on time. I really makes me sick to think of these poor people who now have to try and work with their injuries just because they didn't have the foresight to get a attorney before their hearing. Their own worst enemies, sure you might have to pay the attorney but at least you would have a fighting chance, not a sad display of ignorance, in which these companies hope and pray you don't get one so they can make quick work of you.
Here's were I was reading its public record.
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Posted At 09:26:48 01/28/2001

Try to find an attorney that will represent you in a Court of Appeals or The Supreme Court....It is almost not heard of!
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Posted At 12:42:11 01/28/2001

That is why you want to get one beforehand, at the beginning of your case.
Because you don't know where your case will take you. And if you have them before hand you at least have somewhat of a chance.
I believe in one of those cases, that are on that site the person was assigned a attorney to represent.
And usually if you win a the regular hearing level, the insurance will appeal and then it goes there anyway. That is in most cases. Not All...
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Posted At 15:07:13 01/29/2001

I had two attorneys, well I thought I did, one took my case every time I would call and say the doctor did this and the insurance company did that, they didnt seem to care at all.The attorney wanted me to settle out of court for 3,000.00 and allowed the company I work for to have me sign papers that I would DIVORCE the company I worked for (tweleve+ years) and not bring another case of work injury to them KNOWN OR UNKNOWN good thing I didnt sign that cause I found out I suffer from a OVERWORKED MUCSLE Disease. Well lets just say, I have a good sence of what is going on. What you want to bet is that my ( supposed ) attorneys I talked to, talked more with the other side than me. Seems kind of funny the 100.00 I gave them to ask my first doctor question about my health... in none of those questions did it seem that it would have mattered in my favor, wheather the answer was yes or no. so many unreal loop holes in the questions my attorney as the doctor, its all I can know that they all work together to see how they arent going to pay for it and let the tax payers money pay for us injuried. To this day almost two years later, THE doctors have not checked my initial injury no test no results, no attorney asking why, this hasnt happened (the muscle tests). I did go to court and the Judge said COMPANY PAY UP. you know what its not going to matter cause the companies self insured w/c/ SIMS.. is wanting the closing arguement thrown out of the records. Maybe because I spoke the truth and it was a little to much for them to handle, I feel for them. Shaking my head here thinking what a shame, to have to make a persons life more than hell. I am so glad that my soul isnt bought out. One thing for sure.. I do thank the message boards on line cause ever since my body fell more apart I kept using the message (health boards) and its a perminent track record of what I have been going through. So if the other side does want to make a battle of this. All I have to do is pull up these web-sites that are dated and say JUDGE look, was feeling the same then as I do now except for in the beginning before the injuries I could walk and run and bowl, and play with the grands. Now I am not that good at any of them if I can do them at all. So I guess what I would say to a person that gets INJURIED at work start using the message boards, its a wonderful truth of your symptoms, and you are looking for answers that doctors probally isnt doing for you. to the courts in Oregon over W/C since when did Oregon Legis. sell their souls to make up for the lose of the Timber Industry?
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Posted At 23:49:39 04/11/2001

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Posted At 17:29:12 04/24/2001

Run, don't walk, to an attorney as soon as you suffer a work injury. The insurance companies have succeeded in making the laws so meticulous that only an attorney, experienced in the area of workers' comp, can wade through the river of forms and filing. Remember, the insurance company has a whole staff of lawyers on hand to screw you out of your rights. Why would you even presume they wouldn't screw you? As for finding attorneys after the case goes on appeal, appeals are only argued on the existing record and unless an attorney had a hand in developing that original record it's too risky of a proposition to take on through a contingency fee - which is how they get paid. Remember - they are people just like everyone else trying to pay the bills so they can't gamble on appeals and perhaps lose hundreds of dollars.

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