Re: I WON - Permanent Total Disability.

Author Subject: Re: I WON - Permanent Total Disability.
L.P. Posted At 03:40:12 01/29/2001
Jim~just wanted to congratulate you. This is good news.But it is like Dee said, with what we have to go through, basically PAIN & SUFFERING I wonder if it's worth it. yep, guess it is, come to think of it, in terms of the *monetary value* anyway. Can't put a price on health tho. I am having a PCE(physical capacity evaluation) this morning. I am NOT going to be able to sleep so am staying up all night. It is an insult to injury to put you through these tests, and my own Doc was not too happy the rehab counselor scheduled this for me. I KNOW she works for the company *I* used to work for, so I know it is NOT for MY benefit or in MY best interest. They want me off the payroll. So here I go....jumping through *THEIR* hoops. Keep us posted and throw your 2 cents worth in occassionally. Take care~L.P.

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