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A wonderful company, I know Mr Fred Meyer is rolling in his grave! Posted At 13:31:01 02/03/2001
You speak the truth... If I was to tell you how many people gave up before they even started with a law suit of injury with Fred Meyers.. well lets just say I would love to give a poll, one that ask Oregon/Washington employees of Fred Meyer's store, what was the reason you gave up your rights to file a workmen comp claim with this company the HORROR STORIES would be a book that this country wouldnt for get. Hanaball would run that is for sure. I just want to know, my goodness where do companys get the people that do these terrible things to their injuried worker? Are they being cloned? Are they growing them somewhere. Cause I know the people that I have came up against arent god loving people only money loving people. All I do know is fact, fact that my doctor records have nothing about me in PAIN, I would really like to see how long they could keep in pain and keep their minds through this sort of ordeal. I figure not only does the Lord have plans her in Oregon and Washingtom it sounds like he has his loving hands on some too. I just want to thank the people here at cause you people have done the most GREATEST THINGS. AND YOU KNOW WHAT, I REALLY BELEIVE THE LORD IS IN THIS.
Thank you god bless. L.P?? I wrote you a email and like I said before if this company would have choose to tell its employees about RSI and disease a like, in the begining and passed it on to us employees man what great HONOR the public could have seen. Didnt happen tho and here I sit day in and day out re learning what this body can do. I will not roll over, in fact its time to put some shorts and a tank top on and let the valley people that I have helped out at the registers for 10 years and more,it's time to tell them about and show them what it can do to your body. RSI due to overworked/tramua/injury everything that I have been through wheather it be their little sub-contract people, the attorneys that listen to them first the doctors that first see you and try their darnest not to give you pain pills or test that would make it look like you was hurt. Shocked is were the tramua comes into this injury... the over worked stuff from the companies that deal in profits and not in the rebuilding of employees family lives that they have used up and throw out the door. God Bless them I sure hope someone in that company comes through to save face. I would have much rather been a advicate and be saying yes come work for this company they care about your health.

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