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L.P. Posted At 14:08:21 02/03/2001
I have already apologized for the same *3* repeats. It was an honest mistake. Guess you can't GO BACK and fix a post on these, huh??? I shop at Fred Myer for my groceries and TELL everyone I come in contact with(cashiers) that this will catch up with them. They are clearly in PAIN and NOT happy campers. They are doing EXACTLY what I did...act as if. But I could only do that for so long, then it finally caught up with me. Kroeger is THE WORST and only, ONLY care about profits. If you file, you are a *dirtbag* employee and they NEVER let you forget it. Can't tell you how HAPPY I am to be out of this business, and will keep TELLING, PREACHING to all out there about the Muscular/skeletal problems related to checking groceries. Most are TOO afraid to even file a claim and just continue to get hurt. I did the same thing, used up ALL my savings to take time off to heal, only to go back and be injured over and over. NOW I have NO savings to fall back on and am in horrendous debt. It is INSANITY!!! The PCE *whore* who wrote my report will add insult to injury, and my lawyer is prepared to deal with him in court. He stated to me, "This guy is a REAL jerk"!!! The ironic thing is, I got this PCE guys name from I thought was a reputable attorney, who stated this guy gives FAIR evaluations, and ASKED to change my PCE to go to him!! Sure shoots down any TRUST within this corrupt system, including ATTORNEYS who obviously are ONLY out for the money and NOT working for the people who employ them. Sad. God bless each one of you and I PRAY there will be resolution for due time. L.P.

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