Author Subject: Skeptical
Watchdog Posted At 00:34:07 02/04/2001
This is encouraging news for injured workers, However I am a bit skeptical.
Shiprack is right about the warefare that has been waged against injured workers, But I believe that this reform bill is a way to soften up the
Oregon Supreme court when it comes time for the ruling in the Smothers case.
That explains why this Reform bill was so warmly embarassed especially by Lisa Trussel of AOI, In the past she has stated that the benefits that injured workers now receive is far to generous. I have a hard time believeing that she would go for these few increases in benefits.

I work in Salem, and I hear things, With the softening US economy, The budget shortfalls in many state agencys budgets, it pays to read between the lines. The state is nervous.

This website has brought about awareness of the plight of injured workers not just in Oregon but throught the lower 48 states.

The people of this Organization should be proud. You have had the courage to stand up and speak out about, You have caused others to take a greater look at their state workers compensation systems and question the wrongs being done to working people.

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