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O.K. put on your thinking caps please! Posted At 03:15:28 02/05/2001
Does anyone know the minimum time limitations that a physician has to examine you to be admissable in court? Is it one hour? I live in Oregon, and if you know could you tell me where to find the statute. I have looked all over the files here and can't seem to get the right wording to find it.

Also, when you change from one primary physician to another, is there a statute that allows them to be recognized over the old one. Especially if you changed because of your physicians lack of experience.

Here's another, when you change physicians how can you prove your injury was caused by his right diagnosis, and was misdiagnosed by your first doctor? There are definately some sorry doctors out there, unthrough, and they shouldn't even be practicing, because they are hurting people even more.

Thanks for your help, Oh Yeah, Is there a site that you can ask general questions, and the search engine is geared for them? I have been to one already that only spits similar but general cases at me.

I figure there are some of you out there that are virtual experts at this by now. I would appriciate some good and direct answers from you to help me in my search. Thanks.
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Posted At 13:55:31 02/05/2001

The only one I have information on is the primary care physician thing. You have to have your new dr fill out some form and they send it in to the insurance company. don't know much about the rest of your ?'s. I'm sure someone will though

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