Is it OK to quit a job, is any job a good job? What ever happened to suitable employment? What ever happened to 80 %?

Author Subject: Is it OK to quit a job, is any job a good job? What ever happened to suitable employment? What ever happened to 80 %?
Tarzan Posted At 10:52:31 02/05/2001
It gauls me that I continue to see the same contractor, looking to hire an estimator/project manager, when I quit him because he was a jerk. And of coarse the money factored in too. He is offering more money now, does that mean it's ok to treat your employees like mushrooms?

It makes me mad as hell, you can't quit a job, you have to starve to prove a point. I'm getting better physically all the time, I did have a devistating injury, and I'll strive to get back to 5-minutes before I fell off the bridge.

Every phone call, e-mail, job interview comes off like a sting to prove I'm not looking for work. I put out about 10 contacts a day, I don't like to use the telephone, or go in person, because I know the reaction I'll get before I get there, need more experience, more schooling, your a dirt bag that's trying to take advantage of the system.

I lost more earning potential than most, and I enjoyed my work more than most, I'd like to get back the same kind of satisfaction, I had 5-minutes before I fell off the bridge.

Some of my job search, my computer got a virus, so I lost a lot, I had about 970 different contacts, a stack of coverletters about 5-1/2 inches high, over 100 different letters of thanks but no thanks. I do have some of this on disk, but am affraid to open them.

Fax 254-5684 Construction Manager
Call 222-9296 Fax 360-694-7818 Supt. in Oregonian Western Construction
Call left message 620-7087 remodelers, Handyman Connection Fax: 598-9237 resume and cover letter
AP Construction Fax 239-7587 Project Manager
Call 492-4467 Fax: 669-8898 17437 SE Kendall Ct 174th & Powell Operator
Fax: 440-349-4092 Recruiter for construction in paper.
Still nothing in Oregon Plan Center, either too expensive, too far, no nothing.
Iíve had two calls about adds in paper, just questions.

Carol of Quest called and said the guy is dieing, theyíll call when they decide what next.
Call 503-366 0797 fax: 366-0810 Operator in paper, faxed resume.
Western now wants Superintendent 266-9296, called said she has resume, take a look.

Faxed cover letters & resumes to these guys, for sub work, or employment work.
George Schmid & Sons Fax 360-835-9406 Ph; 835-5137
Capitol Concrete Fax 1-503-362-5616 Ph: 749-4045
D & A General Contractors Fax: 360-944-7790 Ph; 772-0974
Benge Construction Fax: 682-3777 Ph: 222-4047
Asphalt SVC Fax: 699-4164 Ph: 697-8754
Ashwood Construction Fax: 625-5274 Ph 691-2111
Swinerton Builders Fax 952-0550 Ph; 222-2000
Slayden Construction Fax: 1-503-769-4525 Ph: 769-1969
DPR Construction Fax: 225-0783 Ph: 225-9700
York & Curtis Fax: 643-5531 Ph: 646-2123
Lease Crutcher Lewis Fax: 223-2874 Ph: 223-0500
Northwest General Contractors Fax: 291-7036 Ph: 291-7424

K & R Plumbing & Construction Fax 360-834-1535 Ph: 834-3451
Werbin West Contracting Fax: 254-1822 Ph: 225-9010
Dunn Construction Fax 408-7602 Ph: 408-7601
T. Bailey Construction Fax: 293-3893 Ph: 293-0682
J.H. Kelly Fax: 285-5716 Ph: 285-0812
Emery & Sons Fax: 1-503-769-5266 Ph: 769-7751
Mill Plain Electric Fax: 1-360-574-0956 Ph: 574-7256
R.J. Rouse Electric Fax: 612-0891 Ph: 612-0840
Far West Electric Fax; 1-360-892-3629 Ph: 892-1316
Kyllo Construction Fax 266-3101 Ph: 266-3101
D & A General Contractors Fax: 1-360-944-7790 Ph: 772-0974
Fax more cover letters and resumes for work or sub work
Some young guy called about hanging a door, was concerned about my new CCB number.
Like I couldnít do the work. Told him $30/hour 2 hour minimum.
Martin Howard of Intex called said I had faxed to him and had it labeled T. Bailey, said he would pass information to his brother, about foundations.
Also looked at Track hoes today, lots of money, need CDL and bigger truck to haul track hoe.

James Fowler Fax: 503-623-9117 Ph: 623-5373
Triplett Wellman Fax: 503-928-4188 Ph: 928-4188
Woodburn Construction Fax: 503-981-8821 Ph: 981-9504
Merrill Contractors Fax: 360-574-5082
Wildish Fax 541-683-7767 Ph; 485-1700
Ross Brothers Fax: 503-393-5892 Ph: 393-2885
Hamilton Fax; 541-746-7635 Ph: 746-2426
Morse Bros Fax 503-390-4904 Ph: 390-6955
JAL Construction Fax 541-389-6568 Ph: 389-1236
McCafferty-Whittle Construction Fax: 503-231-7453 Ph: 360-687-3787
J.C. Compton Fax: 472-0393 Ph: 503-472-4155 Robinson Construction looking for Project Manager/ Estimator, Superintendent.
Corp. Inc. Fax: 503-371-2296 Ph: 371-2453
Kizer Excavation Fax 503-472-5211 Ph 472-6158
4 Rivers Construction Fax 657-7354 Ph 657-6103
Allways Excavation Fax: 503-982-5110 Ph 969-9005
Thompson Bros. Excavation Fax: 360-254-7195 Ph: 254-7056
Avery Backhoe Fax: 360-693-0652 Ph: 693-0661
Creagan Excavation Fax: 360-921-2974 Ph: 944-7793
Advanced American Diving Fax: 503-650-8230 Ph: 650-8207
Holm II Inc. Fax: 769-5110 Ph: 769-2649
Fax: more cover letters and resumes
Some guy comes down the driveway when Iím working on the beater truck, Fed-X or Dimitri?

J.E.Dunn Construction Fax 978-1031 Ph: 978-0800
RI Construction Fax 1-503-363-8597 Ph: 365-8110
New Hope Builders Fax 258-3745 Ph: 258-3973
Howard S. Wright Fax: 220-0892 Ph: 220-0895
CSI Fax: 288-2331 Ph: 220-0895
Colamette Construction Fax 625-1945 Ph: 625-1625
RAS Builders Fax: 425-837-9673 Ph: 837-9765
Marvin Cole General Contractors Fax 360-425-8413 ph: 425-6516
Bill Erickson Heavy Construction Fax: 656-2062 Ph: 655-3478
Natt McDougal Fax 968-6761 Ph: 968-7552
R & G Excavation Fax 394-2169 Ph: 503-394-2190
Lampkin General Contractor Ray Lampkin Fax: 528-9631 Cell: 260-1398 Ph: 528-9579, called a couple of times to fax resume, and cover letter, fax not working on their end.
Dennis Park called about an add in Elite Group L.O Wilsonville one year add for $395 supposed to meet at 10:30 at Hilltop Restaurant in Canby, Hawaiian 5í-8Ē 230 pounds.
Meet Ray Lampkin at 1:00.

Traid Mechanical Fax: 289-0316 Ph: 289-9000
L & H Grading Fax: 678-6858 Ph: 1-503-678-6905
Stanley Contracting Fax: 1-503-463-8007 ph: 463-6735
Brundidge Construction Fax: 656-2669 Ph: 656-2665
Kerr Construction Fax: 692-1854 Ph: 692-5514
Robison Fax: 968-0782 Ph: 968-5941
WG Moe & Sons Fax 775-1069 Ph: 775-8651
Nutter Underground Fax 360-576-8484 Ph: 573-2000
Baseline Industrial Construction Fax: 287-6635 Ph: 287-6722
Richard Martin Fax: 636-0412 Ph: 636-3645
Colamette Construction Fax 625-1945 Ph: 625-1625, Ryan Called, returned call and left message. Ryan was looking for carpenters, get alot of that, no supervision work, but maybe in the future Superintendent?
Went to visit Ray Lampkin, talked about maybe a joint venture. He has canvassers making calls and setting up appointments for remodel work, no money in that.

Received call from Dennis, D & A Construction, wants some dirt moved, sounded more interested in buying the 4 yard dump truck. Cell Phone 360-772-0974, will call this weekend about walk threw. D & A General Contractors Fax: 1-360-944-7790 Ph: 772-0974.
Circle H Excavating Fax 829-4441 Ph: 829-4440
Columbia Excavating Fax 669-8898 Ph: 429-4467
Goodfellow Bros. fax: 722-2972 Ph: 772-2940
Hubco Excavation Fax: 665-8033 Ph; 666-7632
Wayne Jesky Construction Fax 656-5517 Ph: 650-8235
W.A. Jones Fax: 570-1174 Ph: 570-0603
Kerr Contractors Fax 692-1854 Ph: 692-5514
KLB Construction Fax: 292-0347 Ph: 292-0380
LZN Excavation Fax: 775-5379 Ph: 775-1507
Portland Excavating Fax: 618-8013 Ph: 618-7828
Rain Country Construction Fax: 637-3534 Ph: 637-3500
Site Tech Fax 650-7378 Ph: 650-7377
Fax some more cover letters and resumes

Dalke Construction Fax 581-3655 Ph: 581-4114
Coalman Construction Fax: 362-0166 Ph: 362-9584
Phair Constuction Fax: 399-0009 Ph: 399-1319
Pacific Excavation Fax: 726-7943 Ph; 726-7380
RCI Fax: 968-0782 Ph: 968-5941
American Home Builders Fax: 669-1137 Ph; 492-7906
Tapani Underground Fax: 360-687-6748 Ph; 678-1148
Valley Excavating Fax 390-6535 Ph 390-6420
Valley Pacific Construction Fax: 678-5057 Ph: 678-2696
Gurley & Co. Fax 829-9530 Ph:: 829-9151

Cascade Paving fax 1-503-393-4630 Ph; 1-800-870-8236 Eagle-Elsner fax 628-1138 Ph: 628-1137
Halís Construction Fax 656-5961 Ph: 656-4999
Lakeside Industries Fax: 222-6460 Ph; 222-6421
Morse Bros. Fax 692-2053 Ph: 692-2942
WTW Construction Fax: 256-0172 Ph; 256-5526
Darkhorse Construction Fax: 682-4081 Ph: 682-8821
Keystone Pacific NW Fax: 439-8592 Ph 439-1733
TBH & Associates Fax: 360-546-1700 Ph: 546-1600
Edmonds Trucking & Excavation Fax 503-263-8311 Ph: 266-9063
Roy Renner Trucking Fax 628-5407 Ph: 628-1760

Columbia Rim Construction Fax 360-687-7618 Ph: 687-9650
M Stearns Fax 257-6366 Ph: 256-5502
2KG Fax: 652-9608 Ph: 652-9221
Team Construction Fax: 360-699-1454 Ph: 699-1477
Bedford Construction Fax 282-5295 Ph: 284-9388
Flatco Concrete Fax: 513-5700 ph: 659-0294
GWC Inc Fax 760-7966 Ph: 849-0901
Quadpoint Corp. Fax 698-7448 Ph: 248-7604
Silicon Forest Industries Fax: 682-4902 Ph: 682-4179
A-Tech NW Fax 628-0125 Fax: 628-2882

Fax 503-466-2076 Steve Superintendent/Project Manager
Robinson Construction 645-5357
Fax: 654-2698 Project Assistant
ABC Roofing Fax 786-0642 Ph; 786-0616
Arrow Roofing Fax: 503-4600-2768
Bliss Roofing Fax; 653-7818 Ph; 653-6100
Bob Carlson Roofing Fax: 640-4840 Ph; 640-3623
CC & L Roofing Fax: 774-1835 Ph: 774-0928
Garon Roofing Fax 360-254-5384 Ph; 254-0380
R. Klindworth Roofing Fax 1-503-394-3170 Ph: 394-2615
York Roofing Fax; 656-0728 Ph: 297-7168
fax a couple of resumes and cover letters.

Some of my more recent contacts. So if you come out of Vo-Tech and are looking for that elusive estimating position, here's a couple of contacts.

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