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Yes Have lived that too. Posted At 02:40:20 02/08/2001
Yes been there to. Don't you know they all play golf together. And I would say are laughing everytime you leave the office. Oh brother, I have always worked, and what you want to make a bet when I go back to work someday they will be there to make sure you dont get a job. Is there ever any healing from this muscle disease? Each day I wait to see if it better and it doesnt look like it changes at all. I get into the car and drive two or three appoinments and back into pain. I do a little amount of house work and it puts me into bed. I have to tell you though I have found out that stress is a large factor, so learning to keep that down. Then again when the family is doing without, how is that to happen. shaking her head I have said it before, just not going to worry wheather or not they take care of and claim responsiblity for this muscle disease, cause going to find a writer and write a book. If that is what its going to take, to get this health issue up and out of the way then let be education with no strings attached. And I also have to let ya know... been calling some doctors to get information about what to ask your doctor, and how to make sure he ( the doctor ) is doing the right test. Seems sort of funny no one is calling back. Also I do know that on my paperwork it says that I have been tested for TOS... there is a code and to try and find out what that code stands for that is suppose to tell you what the doctor did, well lets just say I am not getting any answers. Seems in the doctor reports he did a lot of testing .. funny I dont think he even layed a hand on me just made sure I walked out of his office with a perscription so that way it would LOOK LIKE HE DID WHAT HE WAS SUPPOSE TO BE DOING! OMG, this is all so sad! Anyway the story of the last two years is going to make a heck of a great book. And then if there are profits, they will go right back in to help and educate the people. Wow a little money for education, and they sit on theirs like gods going to let them take it with them. Well back to the drawing pad. I have a few more ideas while I start this web-site. God bless you all at injuried workers dot org. Bye the way good to see cashiers posting and thank you for all the emails.

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