Looking over medical codes? On the bills

Author Subject: Looking over medical codes? On the bills
MsBillingInformation Posted At 03:17:37 02/08/2001
I am really trying to understand how a bill can get up to 600.00+ dollars when you dont re-call the doctor getting closer than 5 feet from you. And the things on the bill what they say are not clear, and then to call the doctors office and other places to find out what certain codes mean on your bill is really suprising to. So I have taken it upon myself to look into this so called medical billing using codes ( I would have much rather see, Dr. Whoever than put his hands and squeezed tight on her left shoulder right under her neck and since that did hurt we ruled this or that out) But instead there are codes, like I said seem sort of funny that being five feet away there could be all this billing going on. If anyone else is wondering the same thing, how about looking into it. Found these places http://www.codingandreimbursement.net/ and http://www.codecorrect.com/ this last one has sponsors with other links. Thought this information may help people research their own bills to see what was and was not done in the matter of their health care so the next visit maybe if by mistake, something was thought to have been done and not. We can all have a hand in helping out the busy or next doctor when it comes to health while healing from a work injury.

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