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Author Subject: Re: IME,specifically,DR.Steven Schilperoort,orthopedist
Dixon H. Bledsoe Posted At 15:35:03 02/13/2001
i was surprised by the vitriolic nature of this web-site and personal attacks on one of the most decent gentlemen I 've known. I was also surprised at the inaccuracies. Dr. Schilperoort voluntarily accepted a limitation on his license because he has Hepatitis C, which he contracted in med school and was not detected until about 1996. he did not want to harm his patients due to unpredictable viral storms and fatigue associated with this disease. his limitation is only regarding surgery, night call, and weekend call. he is free to treat patients at any time, and has, in fact, begun to do so with Concentra in Portland on February 9th. He does not travel the West, and does not go to Alaska. He does second opinion exams, back-to-work exams, pre-employment exams, file reviews, and conducts medical education seminars. And to set one more record straight, we work with over 200 doctors, and 95% are active, practicing doctors in good standing with the Oregon Medical Board. I suggest you play fair.

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