Would fuller & radecki know what a fat pad is

Author Subject: Would fuller & radecki know what a fat pad is
Tarzan Posted At 18:18:29 02/14/2001
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Assessment of the radial head-capitellum view and the dorsal fat-pad sign
in acute elbow trauma.
Hall-Craggs-MA; Shorvon-PJ; Chapman-M
AJR-Am-J-Roentgenol. 1985 Sep; 145(3): 607-9
The radial head-capitellum (RHC) view was assessed in a prospective study
of 130 patients with acute elbow trauma in whom 35 fractures were
identified. The RHC view demonstrated only 16 of the 32 fractures
available for review, including one fracture that was not seen on routine
projections. Fat pads were displaced in all 31 patients with fractures;
fat-pad displacement was demonstrated on the true lateral view in 29 and
on the conventional radial-head view in two patients. Routine use of the
RHC projection is not justified in all cases of elbow trauma. It may be
added in cases in which no fracture has been identified but clinical
suspicion remains high or displaced fat pads are seen on the routine

Chicken Wing Re: Would fuller & radecki know what a fat pad is (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:28:52 02/15/2001

Are you saying 95 of 130 people, were frauds? Or the doctors couldn't see on x-rays, a problem. So that explains the Ulnar Variation you keep talking about.

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