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Billie Jo Cooper Posted At 21:34:26 02/19/2001
I was injuried not too bad at work at 230am and i notified my manager that i injured myself and needed to go to the emergency room to get my arm looked at. My manager stated to take some asprin and put ice on it and see you in the morning. I didn't get to the emergency room til 845am. Where can i find something to show that she was wrong in doing this and it is violation. she preceded to yell at me for things not done which i couldn't do because of my wrist and arm. After xrays it was only a sprain. How can i protect myself from getting in trouble from not doing my 100% job with a sprained wrist. The emergency room did not put me on lite duty but follow up with my doctor in a week if not better. Any help is appreciated.
larry coldiron Re: injury at work-medical treatment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 13:40:57 02/20/2001

it;s a real shame that people only look at this or any other injured worker's board after being hurt. the very first thing that should AWAYS bw done after being injured at work is to file an accident report, no matter how insignificant the injury seems at the time. it's within every worker's rights to demand a filing of the accident and to seek medical attention immediately! first stop is at the doctors office or emergency room. second stop is to look for a lawyer. every worker should have at least some idea of their legal rights and take some responsibility in seeing they are followed through with.
only my opinions!Larry
absolutely Re: injury at work-medical treatment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:07:47 02/21/2001

Larry is right first thing file a accident report, it verification of your injury. And go to the doctor, supposidly when you request for your employer to take you to the doctor they are suppost to, that may be a civil rights problem, especially if you asked them too.
If the ER didn't put you on light duty for a sprained arm I would certainly go back and ask for a slip.

Be sure and document everything, just in case, I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself this is just a waste of time, I will be better and have written all this for nothing, well, I am now totally disabled and my lawyer and I have used those notes as records for dates, and witnesses and also when I talked to the civil rights. It is always smart to write down everything that is said or done and who was standing there, because 2 or 3 yrs. later it won't be so easy to remember.

Not only that try Epson Salts, a old miracle cure for sprains and strains, just try it, put it in as hot of water as you can take and just let it set there and soak, its amazing the difference you will feel, I still use it for my injury even though it is years old.

One more thing, no matter what your supervisor says or does, stick with your restrictions, it will come back to haunt you if you don't. Its a 50/50 thing, and they can come back on you for not following them. Not to mention dismiss your case.And if your still having problems, go to the doctor you have your follow-up with early. May you heal quickly and have no more problems.
IWIC Re: injury at work-medical treatment (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:38:49 04/11/2001

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ramonia desperately seeking help (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:43:55 05/26/2001

i hurt my back on jan.4, 2001 and i've been in pain every since. i went to my doc at first i thought i made the right decision. i don't even know what is wrong with me. i told the doc where it hurts, how it hurt and when it hurts most, then she stop prescribing pain pills. i just took all the pill she gave me that eventually stopped working like darvocet, robaxin, vicoden beleive it or not all this pills have no effect on the pain. they sent me in for a facet injection that only aggravated the pain. now i feel like i'm walking around with weights on my back and the pain is is far worse. unbearable i should say. now the insurance company want an ime or rme. what should i expect? should i get a lawyer now? my appointment for the 6th of June do i still have enough time, because i'm as lost as today?

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