Re: Coach Rick Patino Quit, the Boston Celtics, and gave up a 22-Million Dollar Contract

Author Subject: Re: Coach Rick Patino Quit, the Boston Celtics, and gave up a 22-Million Dollar Contract
Tarzan Posted At 10:32:03 02/21/2001
Your Right.

The guy in Silverton I quit, part of the starvation litigation, ten cents on the dollar thing.

They keep advertising for work, thinking oh there's more money now, that makes everything OK.

It' OK for Coach Patino to quit a 22-million dollar job, because he doesn't like the way he's being treated at work.

But if you are broke down, looking for work for getting close to 3-years now. Quit the guy who pays you half what you made before you got hurt, and work 1/2 again as many hours, that's not acceptable. Wouldn't you think one job that lasts 2 months, in 3-years of job search, kind of says something. Like when they put an add in the paper, and say we want 3-5 years of experience, 5 years of college. Responsible in charge.

Another pipe dream, being a contractor, and doing what you believe you know, doesn't work so great either. How much money has your company made in the last 3-5 years, Zero. What's the biggest job you have completed, haven't done a job. How much is your company worth, how much can you bond,do you have any outstanding leins against your company?

Add to that, the gal from the insurance company says, if I put down $50,000 cash, then I might find someone who could or would bond me for $300,000 work. In other words if you can't complete the work, you have to guaranttee the completion, by putting up your own money.

And your house doesn't count, it's worth about $350,000, you also can't count how much your company is worth. And Emerging Small Business, is a good thing which is also a tough hoop to jump threw.

So now your back to working for some scum bag, who uses people who can't speak english, and have no worthless comp. probabably don't pay taxes, who want you to work for $10/hour.

Their coming to take me away, ha, ha.

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