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absolutely Posted At 21:07:47 02/21/2001
Larry is right first thing file a accident report, it verification of your injury. And go to the doctor, supposidly when you request for your employer to take you to the doctor they are suppost to, that may be a civil rights problem, especially if you asked them too.
If the ER didn't put you on light duty for a sprained arm I would certainly go back and ask for a slip.

Be sure and document everything, just in case, I can't tell you how many times I thought to myself this is just a waste of time, I will be better and have written all this for nothing, well, I am now totally disabled and my lawyer and I have used those notes as records for dates, and witnesses and also when I talked to the civil rights. It is always smart to write down everything that is said or done and who was standing there, because 2 or 3 yrs. later it won't be so easy to remember.

Not only that try Epson Salts, a old miracle cure for sprains and strains, just try it, put it in as hot of water as you can take and just let it set there and soak, its amazing the difference you will feel, I still use it for my injury even though it is years old.

One more thing, no matter what your supervisor says or does, stick with your restrictions, it will come back to haunt you if you don't. Its a 50/50 thing, and they can come back on you for not following them. Not to mention dismiss your case.And if your still having problems, go to the doctor you have your follow-up with early. May you heal quickly and have no more problems.

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