Re: Sue employer from a crew cheif discrimation during a L&I injury

Author Subject: Re: Sue employer from a crew cheif discrimation during a L&I injury
Don't Posted At 11:17:55 02/24/2001

No matter what don't go against your work restrictions, simply refuse to do the work that is out of those restrictions. Doing work that is against your modified status can get you in big trouble not to mention if they want to take a picture of you doing it then it will show you going against the restrictions not them making you. I would suggest calling your Lawyer, hopefully you have one if not get one ASAP, and call your doctor and tell him that they are making you work against your restrictions.

You need to call a Ombudsman in the state offices, they represent your rights. But personally if it were me I would get a lawyer, my employer tried to do the same thing to me, even going so far as to throw stuff at me and another injured worker, but after they found out I got a lawyer they played by the rules.

When you get a lawyer if you don't already have one, he can help you with wheather you can sue or not, work comp. is still protected from being sued in some states so find out if your in one of them.

But like I said if you go against your restrictions its 50-50 and if they can document it then sometimes your case can be dismissed, so wouldn't you rather have them disipline you for sticking with your restrictions, that having your case dismissed because you didn't. They can't fire you for sticking with your restrictions, they can for something unrelated. As far as your crew cheif he has a supervisor right? Wait til he hears that you have a lawyer, watch him sweat....Just remember to watch yourself, and the rest should fall into place, but if you don't have a lawyer GET ONE or at least get a consultation from one. They will usually tell you if you have a case or not.And usually you don't pay anything until you win, and if you don't have a case they usually don't charge for the first meeting.
I have had a lawyer for 3 yrs. and haven't paid him anything, I will when my case is done but thank heavens I had him, he saved me alot of grief and the game playing stopped. Good Luck!

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