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Me too!!!!!! Posted At 10:19:20 02/28/2001
I was a week out of having shoulder surgery when my I received a letter from my at injury employer saying that my services were no longer required.
I used to be an asset to the company, apparently they changed there mind and considered me a liability.

I tried to fight it but the civil rights division in oregon said that their was nothing they could do for me, I couldn't afford to hire an attorney and that I wouldn't get my job back even if I did win.

Oregon is a welfare state when it comes to injured workers.
I hope the stupid lawmakers and our Governor are proud of what they have done to us.

Darwin Sorenson Re: termination of injuryed employees (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:56:46 03/08/2001

Hi terminated injured worker;
One of the good things about being poor is that you can GO TO YOUR COURT REGISTRAR establish "Indigent Status" and sue the bastards. File a statement of claim with affidavits and let the judge decide. HERE COME THE JUDGE! GOOD LUCK!
Best Regards

Darwin Sorenson
Managing Director
Injured Workers of British Columbia Canada
e-mail: 250-495-6580

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