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patricia gallagher Posted At 12:01:17 02/28/2001
Dear C Strouse,
My name is patricia gallagher, who resides out in delaware county, pa.
well sorry I miss your special regarding people ripping the workers compensation (fraud) issue back in 5/2200, i was looking for something else and bingo i came accross this article, well my story is somewhat different see I got hurt back in 1988, I was sexually harrassed by the owner of the company, and thrown against the wall in the office, by the brother of the owner. I want and called police in work, took me and made out a police report told them, I never expected to get hurt like this, especially in an office. yes I do secretarial work all kinds of office work, I worked for the company for 4 years, only missed one day of work to.
the owner trying to kiss me, putting his hand on place that shouldn't, so i reported him to the human relations committee, and in retaliation his brother twisted my wrist and threw me against the wall, I want to see a psychiatrist regarding what happen to me. it was very upsetting to me, and yet to learned i had a herniated, from all this, well I had an attoney want in front of law judge, they awarded me 6 months of back pay.
I got sued for the hospital bill that didn't get paid, lost my house, my husband, and my son committed suicide, the insurance companys doctors tells the law judge it didn't affect me at all getting sexually harrassed and thrown against the wall, and I didn't have a herniated disc. so i lost everything, i follow for appeals up until 1999. Want to Governors Ridges office they did nothing either, State Attorney Generals office, nothing
then I called the insurance company and told them, they should pay my bills from the first day I got hurt, what did they do file harrassement charges against me, for calling about my medical bills, want to court told the judge, I had an attorney with me. told the judge about everything in the meantime the insurance lawyers were laughing, and i told the insurance attorneys off, and thats when i got contemt of court, well in the end they threw everything out, that was a scare tatic for me, from the insurance company, i lost all the money I saved, because it took 3 years to 6 months back wages, now i m on social security so who pays for this you do, you pay taxes for workmens compensation fraud,
thanks again
patricia gallagher

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