Re: how long from injury can I apply for workmans comp?

Author Subject: Re: how long from injury can I apply for workmans comp?
Cafeteria Worker Posted At 18:28:48 02/28/2001
I threw my left shoulder out at work, while lifting boxes in a freezer. 3 other co-workers were there when it happened. Approx. 4 wks. later, the pain in my shoulder got worst. I finally went to see my dr., and was told I tore my Rotator Cuff Mussel. How do I go about getting workmans comp.? I was told that since I waitted so long, I am being under investigation, to make sure my injury did happen at work? Which it did. I can't stand this pain any longer. I called my dr. back, and said my work doesn't have any lite duty for me. So he's pulling me out of work, and wants me to come into his office tomorrow, to get a shot in my shoulder to help relieve the pain. He also said he wants me to see an Orthopedic Surgen. Any answers?

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