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mildred holley Posted At 09:26:14 03/02/2001
on aug.31 2000 I was Injured on my job.after bad treatment at a primecare office I was sent on sept 5th to there choice of a doctor.He told me my back would take 3 to 6 months to heal.on sept 28th he sent me back to my company to chose another doctor saying there was no more he could do for me.The company refused and made him send me for a fce. I run out of medication and ask him for refills and am told he is no longer treating me but yet the company after many many calls well not allow mw to see anyone else. the test which I was unable to compleat because of pain was judged invalid.and still I can not see a doctor.contacting wc the told the company to send them there list of doctors and allow me medical treatment.again they refuse and on dec 14 I receive notice they are denining my cliam and there doctor now says it is all in my head and I need a mental exam.I have talked to a lawyer and he said there was no money in this for him and would not take this case. a hearung is set for april 5th and I am very scared and know its very hard to win against a mult million doller comp.I have pain all the time and they found that I have TOS in my upper left arm and needed a vascular doctor and they will not even address this.I just wanted to post here and maybe get some advice and meet others with the same horror storys.theres lots more to mine but it would take pages.
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Posted At 14:40:00 03/02/2001

Find a real doctor, lawyer, and a shrink, mental problems scare them more than fisical problems.
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Posted At 01:07:59 03/03/2001

Mildred, You need to talk to a different lawyer hopefully a work comp. lawyer, and not to mention depending on what state you live in you are entitled to change attending physicians 3xs, please let us know what state you live in, hopefully it is one my lawyer represents.

I wouldn't talk to work comp. so much they are on a don't give out any more info than needed, you can call the states ombudsman and they can help tell you your rights, first off find yourself a comp. lawyer, some even have doctors that you can go to that give honest and thorough exams.

Please let us know your state so we might be able to at least steer you in the right direction.
mildred Re: denied doctor (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 12:12:42 03/05/2001

tys for the respones i live in virginia if that tells you the problem.The lawyer I spoke to was workmans comp.but in the same town that the company is in and this the largest here.I have been treated for depression off and on for 20 years.and they plan on useing this against me.You get to a point you just want to quit with it all but my pain is to its very hard to even try to go to work any where else thanks for the surpport and help
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Posted At 23:31:09 04/11/2001

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