DEBBIE Posted At 16:22:53 03/05/2001

Sounds like you went thru the same thing or doctor I did, do you live in Maryland by chance??? Anyway I have 2 torn shoulders from a slip & fall, and the W>C> doctor asked me to put my arms over my head which I tried and I couldn't. So he asked me again, and I tried but couldn't, so he put his hands on my elbows and said PUT YOUR HANDS OVER YOUR HEAD, PUSHING AND I WAS TRYING AND HE KEPT PUSHING YELLING NOT BACKWARDS, NOT FORWARDS OVER YOUR HEAD, I CRIED AND CRIED,. With both shoulders torn , and with him pushing and pushing my arms stilll did not go over my head, but I know he ripped my shoulders more, he didn't say he was sorry, nor did he say this in his written report, but I have wrote every and anyone who will help me, after my trail is over, I plan on busting this doctor for filing a false claim, torture, wrongful dishcharge, abuse & neglect, he said I could go to any occupation any, F>T>, with no/restrictions. I have from the fall, 2 torn shoulders w/cuff damage, C-3,4,5,6 protruding discs w/impingment on my spinal cord T11,12L,1,2,3,4 scoliosis concaved, my spinal cord is caving in effecting my breathing walking, I can't get out of bed, or do anything, without my back feeling like it is going to puncture my rips. This doctor will pay and if someone will not help me I will go to the president and find out why they are not doing there JOB!!!!!

I have heard so much about the WC> doctor actually hurting the person more than they did before they went to see the doc5tor, this is sick and disgreaceful, and if he lies on your written report, about diagnostic tests and your exam this is a false claim act, and they will except whistleblowers!!! GET HIM<

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