Re: What happens when they say you are at MMI

Author Subject: Re: What happens when they say you are at MMI
DEBBIE Posted At 16:29:55 03/05/2001
MMI means maximal medical improvement, the doctor said I was MMI also. He said that all of my diagnostic tests showed O, but I had a degeenerative spinal cord disease in my back, neck and I fell on a wet mopped floor hard enough to tear both shoulders w/cuff damage, my neck has 4 protruding discsw/impingment on the cord, concaved scoliosis, the doctor said he saw nothing wrong and I could go to any occupation any??F>T//NO/RESTRICTIONS?
Guess what he is wrong, he lied and collected $$$ for this which is filing a false claim, so guess what check out taxpayers against fraud/ whistleblowers,insurance fraud, if he lies, turn him in, also turn him in top the quality ccontrol board physicians&insurance frqaud department for physicinas lisence board, you will get results !! we have got to take a stand and make this stop, injured workers are not being protected, and we have rights just like anyone else!!!!!

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