House Ergo Vote today Wednesday March 7, 2001

Author Subject: House Ergo Vote today Wednesday March 7, 2001
webmaster Posted At 09:19:30 03/07/2001
URGENT ALERT: House Ergo Vote Wednesday, Tax Cut Vote Next

By a tally of 56-44 the Senate voted to kill the ergonomics standard on March 6, beginning the final battle over one of the most important workplace safety issues ever. A House vote on the measure is expected sometime on Wednesday. At the same time, the first shot in the fight over President George W. Bush's multitrillion dollar tax cut for the rich is expected at the end of this week.

In the U.S. Senate, anti-worker lawmakers passed a resolution under the never-before-used Congressional Review Act in an attempt to kill the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's ergonomics standard that could prevent some 600,000 repetitive stress and other ergonomically related injuries serious enough to cause workers to miss time from work each year.

"Senators hostile to the interests of working families rushed a naked political pay-off to big business contributors who have opposed every effort to enact a standard protecting workers," said AFL-CIO President John Sweeney.

The CRA is known as the "nuclear bomb" of regulation because it is a fast-track measure with no hearings or committee votes, requires just a simple majority, prohibits a Senate filibuster and, if approved by both the House and Senate and signed by the president, it will ban OSHA from issuing any similar workplace ergonomics standard until Congress passes a new law allowing OSHA to issue a similar rule.

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