Not Giving up on the OSHA standard

Author Subject: Not Giving up on the OSHA standard
Injured by RSI Posted At 10:56:19 03/08/2001
I am very surprised that no one here has been discussing the ergonomics vote. The greatest percentage of Injuries suffered are Ergonomic related

Come on people quit sitting on you aching and numb hands, Contact your representatives, Let your voice be heard.

Senator Gordon Smith has ended his political carreer by voting to end the Ergo law, He has slapped the face of every working person in Oregon.

Why should your employer take it upon themselves to have an ergonomics policy when workers comp rates are at an all time low here in Oregon.

Hire them, Injury them and fire them, because their will always be another person waiting in line to take there place, Thats the attitude that employers have in Oregon.

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Let Mr Smith know how you feel about his vote, He doesn't speak for you.
He is a follower not a leader and he doesn't speak for you.

Senator Wyden voted to keep the Ergo standard, contact he and thank him for his vote, He is a positive voice in Washington, Smith is not.
Frank Lehn Re: Not Giving up on the OSHA standard (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:36:15 03/11/2001

. . . well, the reason I wasn't here discussing the issue is because I spent several frantic days contacting my US Senators and Reps, asking them to please not let the ergo standard slip away from us.
I am proud to say, at least, that both of Washington's US Senators voted correctly. Senator Murray even read my message to her outloud during her brief turn on the floor.
I have sent messages to those who voted with us, thanking them for their support. I have also sent messages to those who sided up with big business and - as you said - delivered a slap in the face of those they are purported to represent.

I'm sure Washington state's ergo standards are next on the list. With some of the boneheads we have in the state legislature, it's gonna be a tough fight.
IWIC Re: Not Giving up on the OSHA standard (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:26:09 04/11/2001

We've got this message:

Your help is needed,
Please go to
Sign the petition,bring it to the attention of every injured worker you know,PLEASE DO IT NOW.
Sharon McElroy

If you are interested in, please respond and send this message forward, to whom it may concern. Thank you

Also welcome to our site at:

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