Protecting Medical Privacy ? Must Read

Author Subject: Protecting Medical Privacy ? Must Read
Working Families Of America Unite Posted At 18:07:42 03/08/2001

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Protecting Medical Privacy
March 8, 2001 4:15 pm EST

Bush Administration Says It's Committed To Privacy

WILMINGTON, N.C., MARCH 7, 2001 (CBS News) - To Terri Seargent, it was the ultimate violation of privacy. First, she learned she had a fatal genetic disease called alpha one, which destroys the lungs. Then she was mysteriously fired, reports CBS News Correspondent Wyatt Andrews.

"Very sorry to tell you, but you are being released from your position," is how Seargent recalled being fired.

She learned later her boss had seen her medical records.

"It was a cover, because he didn't want to pay the cost of my treatment... because it didn't effect my work. It was none of his business," charged Seargent.

Last week the federal government had a deadline to impose the first national medical privacy regulations that in part, would have protected workers like Terri Seargent from being fired based on their medical condition.

Tips For
Protecting Your Privacy
The Health Privacy Project at Georgetown University advises the following steps for protecting your privacy:

Request a copy of your medical record.

Request a copy of your file from the Medical Information Board.

Talk about confidentiality concerns with your doctor.

Read authorization forms before you sign; edit them to limit the sharing of information.

Register your objection to disclosures that you consider inappropriate.

Be cautious on health Web sites.
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