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Premier Rehabilitation (Angela Fuchs) Posted At 11:24:59 03/09/2001
Premier Rehab
(972) 303-0683

This is just a quick post to inform everyone about Premier Rehabilitation. My husband and I recently openned the doors to our new clinic. We will strive to serve you with the best services we have to offer. We excel in customer sevice and believe the patient is number one. We offer the following services:
1) Acute Care
2) Arthritis COMING APRIL 2001
3) Back and neck school Aquatic Therapy
4) Fitness programs (Tailored to individual) SwimEx Rehab
5) Flexibility & Stretching Occupational Therapy
6) Geriatrics
7) Headaches
8) Joint Mobilization
9) Manual therapy
10) Neurological Rehab (adults)
11) Orthopedics
12) Psycological Services and testing
13) Sacral-Iliac Joint Mobilization & Stabilization
14) Spinal disorders
15) Sports Related Injuries
16) Transportation
17) Work Conditioning/Work Hardening
18) Functional Capacity Evaluations

If you believe we can help you, please contact us @ (972) 303-0683 and ask for Chris Poulson @ ext. 21. He will walk you through the steps to becoming a patient with us.
We are located in Garland and offer transportation.
Thank you for your time
-Angela Fuchs

Ron Re: New Clinic (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:15:35 03/22/2001

Since when does this forum allow advertising? Shame.
Del Re: New Clinic (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:27:22 03/27/2001

They don't but it's difficult to monitor every post. I can assure you that the WI Webmaster, Tom, will delete any new ones from this company.
IWIC Re: New Clinic (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:19:43 04/11/2001

I'm ready to put information about your clinic on our site.

by the way
We've got this message:

Your help is needed,
Please go to
Sign the petition,bring it to the attention of every injured worker you know,PLEASE DO IT NOW.
Sharon McElroy

If you are interested in, please respond and send this message forward, to whom it may concern. Thank you

Also welcome to our site at:

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