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Anyone Know about Long-Term Disablilty? Posted At 13:25:33 03/09/2001
I was wondering if anyone out there has been through Hartford insurance, and workmans comp., I recently filed for long term, because if I don't win my case with comp. then I want to file for long term. But I was told that I couldn't get longterm if it was work comp., if I loose my case, I should be able to file.
But I got a letter from them telling me that I only had a short time after my injury to claim long term,I was also told by them that when my case was over that I could file, but I am still dealing with work comp., any advise? I live in Oregon...
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Posted At 17:56:20 03/09/2001

Use our search feature for both Message foums, I believe I have read past postings about Hartford Insurance.

Thanks for mentioning which state you live in.

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