New Page-Page of Shame.

Author Subject: New Page-Page of Shame.
Webmaster Posted At 09:56:33 02/28/2000
Greetings everyone.
I have started a new page on the website, The Page of Shame.
I have recieved alot of e-mails lately about corrupt companies that make life miserable
for their Injured workers, This page is dedicated to them.
Checkout our who are first winner is. I have done this because a family member
Sister in-law, is employed by this company, she is also an Injured worker who
has been threatened and harrassed for filing a claim, She is followed around
by managment, and baited to do work that is restricted from her doctor.
Checkout the links provided. Do a search on this company, you wouldn't believe
all of the websites dedicated to to this company, and about how unfair and corrupt
their employee practice's are.
More winners to follow, fortuantly their are alot of candiates for this page.

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