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Author Subject: be truthful and patient
PatrickWhitt Posted At 15:51:02 03/12/2001
all though it is obviously very unfair to be injured for months and have no means of making your obligations that you had prior to an injury the only way you will be approved in the end is to be truthful in all eviedance submitted and use all opions made availible to you as per law as unfair and unreasonable as it is--there is NO short cuts. Also be aware that ALL lawyers will be willing to take your case in the beginning - most all will drop you in a minute if you have a shakey or unlikely win case. Choose a large reliable law firm and stand your ground with truth if you exspect to be successful and be prepared to wait atleast 3 (three) yes three years on a totally 100% disability case. Then also be prepared to fight appeals if issued..Long term w.c. is for the truly injured and not for a quick buck win--it does not exisit. If you are truly 100% disabled stay with it and you have a better than not chance to win an award but nothing is impossible even the lotto so hold your ground firmly.
Tarzan Re: be truthful and patient (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:15:06 03/12/2001

I saw something about suitable employment.
Also they say 80% of your wages at injury.
Something about not bringing hardship on your family.
Help finding work.
Not denying medical.
Schooling to help find suitable work.
And something about making you whole again.
None of this rings true to me.
Seems like they spend more time and energy trying to ruin you than help.
al the Malingerer Re: be truthful and patient (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:23:41 03/13/2001

well tarzan you know the drill by now.. anyway to shaft ya.
Truck driver @14.00 hr to 60 % of taxi fairs...sutiable.
I think it was you who told me in a earlier posting just a unwanted satistic for the records.
IWIC Re: be truthful and patient (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:12:46 04/11/2001

We've got this message:

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Sharon McElroy

If you are interested in, please respond and send this message forward, to whom it may concern. Thank you

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william wallace Re: be truthful and patient (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 08:47:48 06/19/2001

and that also would be good advice for all the nazi victems too.

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