Oregon Senate Committee Approves Workers’ Comp Reform Bill

Author Subject: Oregon Senate Committee Approves Workers’ Comp Reform Bill
Webmaster Posted At 22:56:52 03/14/2001
The State Senate’s Business, Labor and Economic Development Committee voted 6-1 this afternoon to send to the full Senate the package of workers comp reforms negotiated by a labor-management group last year. These reforms, now incorporated in Senate Bill 485, will mean 10-20% more workplace injuries and occupational diseases will qualify for benefits under Oregon’s law.

This bill represents the first pro-worker package of reforms of our workers comp law in more than ten years,” said AFL-CIO President Tim Nesbitt, who negotiated the package with Bob Shiprack (Oregon Building Trades Council) and Ken Allen (Oregon AFSCME).

SB 485 was amended with changes approved by the Management-Labor Advisory Committee since the bill was first heard last month. These changes include a provision giving injured workers recourse to a medical arbiter to review denials based on an Insurance Medical Examiner (IME) report (instead of allowing workers to choose among three IMEs selected by an insurer) and another provision to expand the wage base for calculating benefits payable to injured workers who held more than one job.

The committee vote was 6-1, with Senators R. Beyer, Corcoran, Deckert, Gordly, Harper and Starr in favor, and only Sen. Atkinson opposed.

Merle Campbell Re: Oregon Senate Committee Approves Workers’ Comp Reform Bill (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 16:21:40 03/17/2001

Thats a start. The problem will not be fixed till the legislature puts a bounty lying IME bastards. When dishonest jerks like Turco and Ziven are put out of business and hung up to dry will there ever be any fairness to the system.


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