Dr. Allems in SF California

Author Subject: Dr. Allems in SF California
Injured with MCS Posted At 14:57:01 03/16/2001
Dr. Allems in SF California

The reason I am writing this warning is because this guy is being prepped to be Gots replacement.

He Started out here in San Francisco and UC Davis.

He is willing to lie and twist the truth to the insurance companies needs. He ignored evidence and lies about what is discussed in his office. As is the same with Newton Medical Group in the BAy Area of California.

They are a insurance hired guns.

If we cut them off at the pass we can stop the controversy they will create with the special interests groups blessings.

People who are chemically injured are being attacked by these special interests groups because if one wins their case then others will so they try hard to make sure no one wins on chemical related injuries. It is big big money to lose for the insurance companies and they will stop at nothing to win.

It is cheaper to pay someone off than pay the claims that follow. Such as the injured worker's own lawyers.

Get the drift.

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