umitilla chemical depot 9/15/99

Author Subject: umitilla chemical depot 9/15/99
Deb Posted At 23:12:07 03/16/2001
My husband was affected by a "unknown" toxin while constructing bomb burner. He worked for 11 more months after the accident. He is now deemed disabled as of 11/1/00. We just got 1st check from L & I (Liberty NW) in march. Received a letter regarding lawyers going into mediation maybe in july. All the other men affected have been off since the date of accident and are all now permanently disabled and their disability has run out so they are wanting to go to mediation. This damage that has happened to my husbands lungs is permanent and getting worse. He has been told he will never work again. What is mediation and can he get his disability from workers comp for life? We are so in the dark. Any help would be appreciated
Frank Lehn Re: umitilla chemical depot 9/15/99 (Currently 2 replies)
Posted At 05:03:51 03/17/2001

Something as serious as this, I strongly recommend having an attorney. Yes, there *are* honest attorney's out there who will look out for your best interests.
If you don't have a personal attorney already, you might want to contact a local union hall - they could probably refer you to someone who specializes in this sort of case.

Good luck to you folks. Keep us updated if you can.

Here try mine Re: umitilla chemical depot 9/15/99 (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:41:01 03/17/2001

1-888-7complaw, I think he has worked with Umatilla claims before but I'm not sure. yes, that is the right number even though it has one too many digets, I have had him for over 3 yrs. and he is good, and his first consultation is free.

And no I don't work for him, but he has done ok by me. So I hope he can help, Good Luck and God Bless...

Mediation is a offer and a acceptance, involving future medical, loss of future wages, and stuff like that. You need a lawyer to help you, otherwise you won't get a fair amount, ya you might have to pay him but then again you might not get half as much if you don't have him.
Tarzan Re: umitilla chemical depot 9/15/99 (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 11:54:15 03/18/2001

From experience I can say don't do mediation, it's all about saving Liberty Worthless Money. If they starve you long enough, and Ten Cents on the dollar is acceptable then by all means do mediation, it's quick and dirty.
I can also assure you, you'll never forget how you got screwed.

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