Is it 30 days or not???

Author Subject: Is it 30 days or not???
Need to Know Posted At 13:32:00 03/17/2001
I have a question: I recently won my case, it was appealed and then they won partially, on the back of the paper it stated I had 30 days to appeal, I waited until the 30th day and hand delivered it, I recieved a letter back from the Comp. board stating that although my request was hand delivered they couldn't except it. How can that be if they stated 30 days to appeal, doesn't that mean 5pm on the 30th day???

I really could use some help on this subject if anyone knows the laws or the appeal rights, I have a lawyer and he also is looking into this. But I thought I would try you guys out also. It seems funny that they give you 30 days but then state really you only have 24 or so, don't they have to tell you that upfront??? Sounds like a great one to go to the Supreme Court doesn't it...
Del Re: Is it 30 days or not??? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:57:27 03/20/2001

You didn't say what state or country you were injured in. This site gets visitors from all over the world. Look for an injured worker group in your state. This site has a partial list in the "Related Groups" page. It includes the site of "Medcheck" which has a complete listing. Also call all the unions in your area and your state's "Ombudsman for Injured Workers."

Take care.
Oregon Re: Is it 30 days or not??? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:14:37 03/21/2001

Do you know if there is anything specific to be done, besides appeal it?
Read the rules/law Re: Is it 30 days or not??? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 03:01:54 04/24/2001

You have 30 days to "mail" your appeal. Read the order, it is pretty clear.

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