upset,and don't know where to go

Author Subject: upset,and don't know where to go
sue Posted At 20:35:34 03/17/2001
I have worked for the same company for 7 years, and hurt my back
i have 1 herniated disk and 4 bulging disks, i went to company doctor, and he told me it was all in my head, this was after an mri showed my problems,this has gone on for 10 months, finally the doctor put me on a 30lb weight limt and a 3% diablity, and as soon as he did that they fired me,because i couldn't do my job, i go to court this week to settled with workman's comp any suggestions
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Posted At 23:33:03 03/17/2001

Hopefully you have a lawyer, if not get one quick. Just because they know most of the hoopes that have to be jumped through. I don't know what state your in but I don't think they can fire you for your injury. At least seek the advise of a attorney so you won't be going in there blindly, I have heard of offers for $1000. for a head injury that was completely disabling, $500. for a completely crushed foot, and with a lawyer at least he can laugh at them with you. Good Luck!!!
Oh Yeah, you are intitled to second and 3rd opinions, or a complete change of attending physicians. What state are you in? You can also talk to a ombudsman with the state, they can tell you some of your rights, but I don't think they can legally advise you.

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