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chris Posted At 13:45:29 03/20/2001
I broke my hip in mid dec of last year in a construction accident and had surgery to repair it. I am still on crutches and hope to be weaned from them withen a few weeks, although my hip feels weak and still hurts. My employer wants me to go back to work in the office starting next week if my doctor will approve it. They said that they would pay me less than the journeymans wage that I was making, but that saif would cover the difference between what they pay me and what saif is paying me now. Has anyone gone through this situation before? I could use some advice on what to look out for. Also I am still in the dark about the process of becoming medically stationary and settlement money. Does my doctor determine that, and when should I expect these determinations to be made? I would greatly appreciate it if someone could relay the processes that they went through. I don't know if I'll be able to go back to the heavy work I used to do. What happens then? What if the doctor says I can return to it, but the work is unbearably uncomfortable for me? I know not to go against my work restrictions when he releases me to light duty, but outside of that I am totally in the dark. I hope some of you can help educate me on the return to work, as well as the process of bringing the claim to a close. I live in Oregon. Thanks, chris
Del Re: return to work (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:47:36 03/20/2001

You should call the Oregon Workers' Comp Ombudsman's Office to learn your rights further. Their number is 1-800-927-1271. Ask them also to send you all the worker info packets. Some have been updated (improved upon) recently.

You are very right about not violating work restrictions. I can't stress that enough.

You need to stay informed with your attending physician. When the carrier sends you to THEIR ?doctor?, WI will provide someone to go with you. NEVER go alone to an IME.
dug bug Re: return to work (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 15:16:46 03/24/2001

If you do return to work,and you still have pain. Be very carefull about your temper . especialy toward supervisors. Be if they terminate you because of behavoir or job performance or any of pacurilatys. the work comp. insurance company will not automaticly start paying tempory work compensation again. I hope you have better class of employer than I did. Good Luck
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Posted At 22:57:37 04/11/2001

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