HMOs Feeling The Heat

Author Subject: HMOs Feeling The Heat
Kay Posted At 23:27:12 03/02/2000
Mr. D. Scrugs, poor southern boy makes good, first as a fighter pilot, then
as the attorney who brought down ASBESTOS and BIG TOBACCO, now turns his
attention to the countries largest HMOs: United Health Care, Signa, Pacific
Care, Aetna and Humana. Scrugs won a 150 BILLION judgement against BIG
Tobacco, was awarded 900 million in attorney fees and is now using that money in an all out war he is waging on behalf of the 32 million people enrolled in HMOs. He and and an army of attorneys are charging the HMOs
with consumer fraud, basically a bait and switch scam, where they fail to
deliver what they promised, namely medical care, and racketeering, putting
profits before patients. Also what injured workers are familiar with,delaying payments, making patients jump through impossible hoops, and using
financial incentives to manipulate doctors into withholding medical care
to keep cost down. He is fighting to give patients the right to sue their
HMOs, the right to a 2nd opinion and the right to see a specialist. He says
what he is doing is afflicting the comfortable and comforting the afflicted.
If Congress won't bring the HMOs to heel, I believe Mr. Scrugs will.
Del Re: HMOs Feeling The Heat (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 18:46:28 03/23/2000

News from Arizona - 3/2000

HMO's that deny medical treatment can be sued by patients under a bill that has passed the Arizona State Legislature.

The bill would allow patients to sue their HMO if they were denied a recommended treatment or were harmed by their HMO's refusal to provide care.

Doctors could also file suit if the plan didn't pay them for covered services on time.

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