While I was out malingering today, I spyed a 30-year old Superintendent

Author Subject: While I was out malingering today, I spyed a 30-year old Superintendent
Tarzan Posted At 21:39:40 03/20/2001
He looks like he is in High School, says I have to run my first job sometime. Good on him.

Also applied for emerging small business. And a couple other job sites.

I have seen some postings lately about work. Your employer offered work for less money, maybe your best chance to learn and move on.

All's well in Libertyville, the guy says they can make you work for $750 per month. Doesn't sound good compared to working on the big job.

$750 would be a weeks take home pay combined with a little overtime.

You'll find when your fifty, and haven't had the job you are looking for, no one will hire you, no matter how hard you look.

And a new construction business, how much money have you made in the last 5 years, what's the biggest job you have completed, do you have any liens against your company, minority employees?????????? I asked about increasing bonding capacity, the gal says if you have $50,000 in the bank you might be able to bond $300,000 in today's market still not much. Trying to avoid bidding against the people who will work for next to nothing.

Do you have Worthle$$ Comp? How much can you bond??

You know if you spent your life working in an office, your chances of getting hurt, or taking a big gulp of poisonous gas, wouldn't be very high.

And you would have lower worthle$$ Comp rates, wouldn't you?

Bare in mind the point of the IME, CME, LIE, is to start starvation litigation, so have your bills paid up, and work hard mentally and physically to get back to where you were 5 minutes before you gulped gas, or fell off the bridge.

Understand it's not personnal they beat everyone up, until you will settle for a pitance. It's their job, it's all they do, they are smarter than you are, and know and understand how the shystem work$.

Make sure you are not smoking, and hopefully never have smoked, I would guess the chances of liver, kidney,heart, as well as lung problems.

Maybe some of the people who have had trouble do to their smoking or doctors working on these people have some ideas as to what is good medicine. Both conventional and non-conventional.

I say this because you need to be informed, what's new medicine, generating tissue, transplant, the body has amazing ability to recuperate, just not at IME rates 4-months after surgery for instance.

And be honest, don't tell them something, when they have video to say different. Don't give too much information, they'll use it against you.

I had a guy call about an inspectors job, something about jumping into a 4 foot deep trench, I have had trouble with my knees a couple of times. I fell on a piece of glass, and packed a triangle shaped 7-up bottle about an 1/8th of an inch for 3 years, everytime I hit it, it would swell up. I also got off a motorcycle and got ten stiches, so they think I have knee problems, could have been a skuff, but you'll never get the chance to refute them. They don't have to be right, just say it.

And of coarse when you can't find work, it will be your fault.

So don't buy into any trade schools or diploma mills, you'll know when you see them, cry wolf at the top of your lungs. Maybe you could pay for your own school during recuperation, a real 5-year college.

They will say you are too smart, and everyone else gets work. So should you. And they only have to say it, they don't have to be right.

I know every one thinks I'm crazy and I'm sure they are at least partially right, I am just trying to point out some of the pitfalls. Don't call it complaining.

I hope this will help some of the questions.

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