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Just Me Posted At 10:34:25 03/21/2001
I was just released to go back to work. I have had CT surgery in both hands along with the elbow release on both elbows. I am in so much pain and have a hard time gripping things with out dropping them. All my doctor says is that I will be fine and to go back to work. He also told comp that I would most likely be back to his office in a month, with the same problem that I just had surgery for. He told me to find another job. I am the sole supporter of my family and have very good benefits at my job. Am I suppose to just quit and go find some low paying job with no benefits? Comp will be cutting off my comp checks as of today. I have asked for another opinion but comp is refusing it. I have hired a lawyer. I also have a different Doctors appt. about 3 weeks away. The lawyer says to go back to work and try to do the best that I can. I hope I can get through the next few weeks. Can anyone give me advise or hope.
Thanks to my son for to take time to type this for me. Good luck for all of you that have doctors that don't know what constant pain is!!!!
L.P Re: Help (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 23:04:04 03/22/2001

IF you are hurting that much, you should NOT be doing that job, as it will only get worse with time, developing degenerative arthritis possibly and other complications. Why would your doctor release you to work when he KNOWS your history of pain? And your attorney telling you to go back and work? FIND ANOTHER ONE!!!!! My attorney told me the same thing, to go back and just grin and bear it. I am looking for a new attorney who will go to bat for me, as this guy is obviously NOT on my side. My doctor has repeatedly written letters stating WHY I should NOT return to my former job. He knows me inside and out and knows as I do what I am capable of and what I am NOT. Going back to my *former* job isn't even an option for me. Just recently had a PCE done and this guy said I could go back do my job 8 hours a day, no problem. The state paid him big $$$ to LIE on his report.I will fight this one with all my might. I write protest letters all the time in reference to these IME doctors(THIS is questionable) to representatives, the Governor and to Labor & Industries. Sometimes I get a response...sometimes not. I FEEL better in writing them and letting them KNOW how I feel and the way I was treated, plus it goes on record. I am so sorry for what your going through and being the *breadwinner* same as me, I know how tough that is to just *change jobs*. I don't know what other advice to give you except find a doctor who isn't so HARSH, and has compassion in regard to injured workers. Please take care and keep us updated. L.P.
Tarzan Re: Help (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 07:56:28 03/23/2001

You didn't say man or woman. Or what your duties are or modified duties.
Pocket doctors are paid a flat fee to fix something say carpal tunnel is 5-grand, I don't know what the number is, but it is fixed. So he did his job, and will not be paid for follow-up, it's all included.
It's to his advantage to have you go away.
Great Benifit can close your claim to the day before you were born, an honest doctor can open your claim two weeks before your visit. Bottom line is you loose money.
The reason I say man or woman, is the men I know that have carpal tunnel, seem to do better. Be tough.
Exercise, heat, ice, stretching, time, are on your side.
You have probably read a hundred stories relating to retraining, from me.
Bottom line, is if you can hang in with your employer, you'll be better off in the long run, explain to the big boss, how you are doing, try not to snivel too much, just be honest.
When the going gets tough. The tough get going.
Sorry to sound like a football coach, but really you'll never recieve what you would think is fair. So don't worry about compensation.
Try to be a good little trouper, and maybe your boss will help all he can.
Injured Workers Information Centre Re: Help (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:47:34 04/11/2001

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Where did you get your medical degree Re: Help (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 02:56:56 04/24/2001

By continuing to work, you will not get worse! You will not develop arthritis from CTS. What a crock! You better not listen to these jerks, you are going to get screwed if you do. Follow the laws and your will be ok.
Just Me Re: Help (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:15:19 05/09/2001

I have went to another doctor and he took me off from work for 4 weeks. The 4 weeks will be up this friday. He said that I was sent back to work to soon after surgery. He is hoping that no further damage was done. The pain is still there and with the humid weather and rain, the pain is unbearable. I hope to find out more on friday. Tarzan I am a female. And I would like to have your boss, because when I went back with restrictions they wanted me to do things that I was restricted from doing. I am also a very tough person. People that know me can not beleive that I'm not ok. They say that I must be in alot of pain because this is just not me. Take care all. More later.

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