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Cindy Strouse Posted At 12:35:49 03/03/2000
I don't know if this site is just for residents in Oregon but there is a big problem with worker compensation laws throughout the United States. I was injured in 1991 and 1994, have been in and out of work since then. I was placed on long term disability in May 1999, which I have been having hearings since then to get my wc back. I have kept careful notes in diaries sompensation, my employer, and carried it with me when I worked, so I could document when incidences would happen then and not later. My prognosis is very poor, I will probably be a quadraplegic and on a respirator in the next few years. This means the taxpayers will be paying for my care, not the responsible people, whom I worked for the past sixteen years. The worker compensation system within the United States allows the insurance companies and the privately insured to drain you emotionally, physically, financially, and mentally with little recourse by the injured employee. I advise every injured employee to write letters to the White House. People are afraid and intimidated to speak up for their rights or lack of rights in this situation. The politicians forgot one thing when they wrote bills and laws, paid by the insurance companies and corporations in large campaign contributions to sway their vote, that WE ARE THE VOTERS. One voice cannot make a difference but many voices can be heard, so I urge people to speak out to the injustices of the worker compensation system of this country.

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