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jay Posted At 13:17:56 03/22/2001
Let me start off by saying hi well i've had a back injury at my job on a friday it startede bothering me well i work all week end at enoughther job and wen't back to work at my regaler job on monday after working 12hr that monday my back was killing me so the next day i called in and told them that i had hurt my back at work.So a couple of days wen't by and i wen't to the doctor and there secratary told me when she called my work that my boss wanted to talk to me befor i saw the doctor when i talked to my boss he said he didn't fill that i shouldn't be coverd under there workmans comp so basicly he was not going to pay for me to see the doctor and i know that i hurt my back there.But finely he says that he turned the claim into workmans comp. witch i don't know if he did or if he's just telling me that so i'll stay off his back.I know that there was a couple other people in the last 6 months that hurt there back at the job and i think he is worryed about his insurance going up i need to know what i should do because i have know money coming in. p.s thank you

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