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L.P Posted At 23:04:04 03/22/2001
IF you are hurting that much, you should NOT be doing that job, as it will only get worse with time, developing degenerative arthritis possibly and other complications. Why would your doctor release you to work when he KNOWS your history of pain? And your attorney telling you to go back and work? FIND ANOTHER ONE!!!!! My attorney told me the same thing, to go back and just grin and bear it. I am looking for a new attorney who will go to bat for me, as this guy is obviously NOT on my side. My doctor has repeatedly written letters stating WHY I should NOT return to my former job. He knows me inside and out and knows as I do what I am capable of and what I am NOT. Going back to my *former* job isn't even an option for me. Just recently had a PCE done and this guy said I could go back do my job 8 hours a day, no problem. The state paid him big $$$ to LIE on his report.I will fight this one with all my might. I write protest letters all the time in reference to these IME doctors(THIS is questionable) to representatives, the Governor and to Labor & Industries. Sometimes I get a response...sometimes not. I FEEL better in writing them and letting them KNOW how I feel and the way I was treated, plus it goes on record. I am so sorry for what your going through and being the *breadwinner* same as me, I know how tough that is to just *change jobs*. I don't know what other advice to give you except find a doctor who isn't so HARSH, and has compassion in regard to injured workers. Please take care and keep us updated. L.P.

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