Does workmans comp cover stress leave?

Author Subject: Does workmans comp cover stress leave?
concerned daughter Posted At 15:45:43 03/23/2001
My mother has depression and stress that is a direct result of her job.
She is going to the doctor and I am curious if workmans comp covers
mental as well as physical stress? Also, how does one prove that the
stress/depression was caused from the job itself?
She cries while getting ready for work just at the mere thought of having to go through another day there. She is in California.
cops do it all the time Re: Does workmans comp cover stress leave? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 19:43:22 03/23/2001

You need a psycologist, not a therapist.

A lawyer that specializes in what you want to prove.

And be prepared for war. You know they deny everything.

You also see alot of women in the workman's comp. board decisions.

good luck
Jimchudy Re: Does workmans comp cover stress leave? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 08:47:15 03/24/2001

You will want to request an ammended condition for the claim. You will want
your doctors support on this, but you will need an expert psyc doctor
opinion. You will need to see a psyc doctor on your own. You will have to
initially pay for this examination. Hopefully your spouses insurance will
help pay for this exam. This is like you har having your own IME exam
that you are paying for. Since you are paying for it, you will probably
get the results you want. You get what you pay for, as does wc with
their IME's.

You will want to tell the dpsyc doctor your story, and you need a report
that states there is a direct relationship from the wc accident, with an
onset date and the problem (Depression). Once you have a medical psyc
expert state that this disease is work related from the existing claim,
you will request the dondition, depression. WC will send you to one of
their state IME doctors for evaulation, but you are now pro active with
supporting evidence. If you need to go to a wc hearing, hopefully you
will ge granted this condition.

Your case will be much stronger with PSYC conditions. I suggest you go
for this ammended condition. You can get PTD for depression by itself.
Steve Re: Does workmans comp cover stress leave? (Currently 1 replies)
Posted At 11:32:20 04/04/2001

You folks need to understand that just because some one "perceives" they have "stress" doesn't make it work-related in the legal sense. The comp system is not a dumping ground for your problems.
Injured Workers Information Centre Re: Does workmans comp cover stress leave? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 22:40:49 04/11/2001

For sure !!!
Visit site of American Medical Association (AMA)
and try to get "Guides to Evaluation of Permanent Impairment" by AMA.
This is the most competent source of medical information for W/B.

Welcome to our site at:
Sincerely, IWIC

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