Re: Battle Brews over Measure 81

Author Subject: Re: Battle Brews over Measure 81
Advocate Posted At 13:00:12 03/03/2000
Measure 81 is an Associated Oregon Industries funded measure.
Perhaps getting help by Saif Corp. Like I have said in the past about the smothers case
Oregon has been working in the background for a long time trying to protect
the business climate.

Opponents, however, say Measure 81 is a power grab that
allows the Legislature to protect special economic interests
at the expense of injured people. notice the Oregonians attempt not to say
Injured workers. This measure is hypocritical and a contradiction in terms.

This measure will be the most expensive measure to fight and support in Oregons
history, 5 million on both sides. although Saif Corp will remain quiet
for now, they also have a vested interest in the passage of this measure.
AOI also has alot to lose by the dividens that it recieves from saif corp
by having low cost claims and Injured workers suing their member business.

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