One bad wrist leads to another

Author Subject: One bad wrist leads to another
Fred Johnson Posted At 10:37:58 03/04/2000
At the restuarant this morning, I ran into a nice old guy, talking about his wrist problems.

He fracture one wrist, had sergury, returned to work, as a pump mechanic.

HE starts having trouble with his good wrist, complains to the boss, and his doctor. Nothing is in writing. He schedules sergury, then post-pones sergury, because of the busy season. When he finnally does sergury, it is past some one year time limit. It is an unaccepted condition.

They settle for 40 grand, 10 going to his lawyer. Now no work, he's over 50 can he retire? I passed this e-mail on to Maria Carreher, his problems sound remarkably like my own, except we haven't settled yet.

Any body know anything about this, shouldn't he be able to retire?
gary bryant Re: One bad wrist leads to another (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 16:44:27 01/23/2001

similar situation. industrial mechanic pumps also. biggins everything is big and heavy.had accident damaged all cartlege and soft tissue in left left wrist.workmans comp. ohio company i work for and company hired health care go-betwene.put off legit treatment for 10 months.forsing me to do regular work.other wrist began hurting and showing symptoms of damage.had operation one bone fusion.didnt work wrist would not stay in joint.much pain.after returning to work had to do regular refused light duty limit by surgon.used l.hand some mostly right.r. wrist condition worsend for next for 2nd. operation now.more bone fusion and metal added to wrist. will return to work in 3 wks.left hand is not useable at this time. am worried.returning to work i beleave right wrist will be at 50-70% useful and will worsen rapidly.i need help information i need comunication with someone who has had this problem and what action ot take and pryority is not to lose aney perminant use of my right wrist. someone please contact me thanks gary bryant

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