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George Posted At 20:39:34 03/27/2001

Any tips or suggestions, I have been told that i have to go through an IME before they can do back surgery. Another hoop that workers comp wants to send me through. Thanks,
Del Re: IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:13:59 03/27/2001

You don't say what state you were injured in. Laws vary. In Washington, you can audio record an exam, in Oregon you can't. I strongly suggest you read all the articles in the IWA File Library

There's a link in one of them to another excellent resource, "PrairieLaw."
Find out your state laws regarding IME's. If you were injured in Oregon, call the Ombudsman's office. (1-800-927-1271)

Most importantly, never go alone. Have a witness in the exam room within hearing range of everything said. Immediately afterwards, take down notes of everything that happened and was said by the ?doctor?

Also, make sure you get a copy of the report from your own doctor or attorney and write down and report every discrepency (There will be many).
Tarzan Re: IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 21:38:41 03/27/2001

Take a note pad, and leave it in your car, as soon as you get done, write down everything you can remember. Give a copy to your lawyer, one to the Omsmudsman, and keep one for your self.
cricket Re: IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 00:50:52 03/30/2001

Regarding the IME: I was made to go to an IME "agreed-upon doctor" for my insurance company. When they sent me the name of the doctor, I immediatly contacted the california medical board to inquire about the doctor, his specialty, etc. I contacted the doctor and inquired about his ability to assess my illness. I determined he was not of the proper specialty and wrote a letter to the insurance company to that effect, and demanded I be sent to a physician with the proper background and specialty. They had to get a different doctor. One at Cedar-Sini that was of the proper specialty. He saw me and basically told them I was worse off than even my own doctor had told them. I made sure I was sent to the proper doctor. That is an important thing, being seen by a qualified physician.
deby Re: IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 03:52:22 04/05/2001

IME's are what but injured workers out on the street, contact your fraud ASSOCIATION of CERTIFIED FRAUD EXAMINERS in your STATE, and take a tape little recorded in you pocket, believe me, when you go to the IME you will be shocked when he says you are MMI, maximal medical improvement, he said I was MMI and I have 2 torn shoulders, C3thru6 protruded w/impingment on the cord, back has concaved and is pushing in on my major organs, his whole frickin written 8 page report which you can det a copy of, is a lie, fraud plus he has been oaid for the 8 page fraudulent report, I was getting checks and had surgery set up , the nurse they sent me, tried very hard to get me to let thier doctors operate I said no, and from that date I lost all my checks everything, and I can't walk or breath anymore, I will need surgery but damn if I will have emergency surgery w/rods and let some doctor whom I know nothing about operate on me. The w/c is a very very fraudulent place, the IME's are the ones who make it like this, and they will say you can work and you are fine with a broken back, even if your diagnostic tests say different, they d not care, we need to find people in your STATE that saw the same IME, and that sent them back to work injured or crippled or they knew they couldnt go back, file a class action suit against these IME's and get them, do not trust them, I am telling you this they are evil devils who care nothing about you, they get anywhere from 500 to 1000 dollars for sending you back to work and more to take the stand in court, look up IME's and fraud, and it will tell you exactually what they do, fraud??? This needs to be stopped, they are killing people one by one, and it is not fair, injured workers, hardly never get anything except they loose everything they have , or kill there selfs, this is not fair, FIGHT BACK BELIEVE ME I AM< I NEED MARYLAND INJURED WORKERS TO EMAIL ME
sb Re: IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 17:19:45 04/24/2001

Taking witnesses, recording exams, making notes and verifying what happened are all well and good, but the report is 99% written before you walk through the door of the medical office. IME's are designed to give the insurance company ammo to deny the claim. Your best weapon against an IME report is to forewarn your treating doctor. The IME report has to be sent to your treating doctor for approval/disapproval and you need to keep on top of the treating doc to insure he doesn't sign off the approval on a crappy IME diagnosis. Head the IME report off at the pass, have your treating doc disagree with negative IME opinions, and then the insurance company will have wasted the hundreds of dollars spent to set up that IME.
Marty Re: IME (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 10:58:33 05/15/2001

Good advice but workers should check the work comp laws in their particular state. In many, the IME report carrys equal legal weight with your own regularly seen doctor.

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