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Cute Outfit Terry Mannen Posted At 12:23:36 04/02/2001
Mathew Scott blew his hand off with a firecracker, many years later, used a cadavere to replace his missing arm. 3 months after sergury threw out the first pitch at a major league baseball game. After over a year he is doing pretty well. He will never be normal, but he is obviously a desperate man.
Didn't catch the other guys name, same operation, lost his arm after about a year, was just packing it around, didn't use it, didn't take his drugs to fight rejection, didn't stay with his follow-up.
The infamous Bob Dole, packs a pencil around, to show his arm actually works.
Billy Points a kid I went to High School with, radial head fracture. Couldn't straighten his arm, couldn't bend it all the way, but that didn't keep him from going out for the wrestling team.
Les Pawl, invented the electric guitar, crashed his car, was given the option to have his arm set straight or bent, chose bent so he could play the guitar.
Micheal VanGorp, apparently no radial head, played basketball for Duke, and the girly trail blazers, transferred to some team back east.
An animal in a trap will chew off its leg to be free, I would do the same, you can live in your bedroom, or you can do what you can, when you can to be normal.
Following me around, and trying to ruin me, won't help, if you spent half the energy trying to help me, insted of ruining my life what's left. Maybe I would be working again. Look in the paper, do you see someone asking for 5-months intensive training at robert earl state?
Stong enough to look like a liar and a fraud on video, but not strong enough to make a living as a carpenter, not enough training and experience to be a salesman. Like radecki said in his report, don't be surprised at what these people can do. Also, he can do his own auto-arthroplasty, big word, what do you suppose he meant by that, use the arm and wear the bones down to fit? How many years do you suppose that will take? Or is that 3-4 months too. Surprised to see me, didn't know I shaved?
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Posted At 07:26:09 05/09/2001

Hi my name is matt s 2.

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