Injured before clocked in....Who's responsible?

Author Subject: Injured before clocked in....Who's responsible?
Carol Vincell Posted At 04:10:12 04/03/2001
I am the former chief steward of my Union. We have a situation that has never happened to any of our employees, that I'm aware of. One of our members was in the building attempting to reach the clock in location, when an employee of the city (it was a city owned bld.) knocked a large crate over, crushing and seriously injuring one member and slightly injuring another. Are these employees covered by our contractors insurance or is the city responsible? The city says the injured employee has to sue. Is this standard for cities?
Tarzan Re: Injured before clocked in....Who's responsible? (Currently 0 replies)
Posted At 20:29:07 04/03/2001

Sorry to do it to you this way, I did see it on here about a guy in the parking lot going to work, getting hurt, in fact there was a guy I used to work with, crossing the street for work, hit by a car. I'm sure they picked it up, after an initial denial.

You do need the Adobe Reader for this, it is free.

You better hope it's not part of worthle$$ comp.

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