Collection Agency Law Bill Collectors Debt

Author Subject: Collection Agency Law Bill Collectors Debt
Chantel the Collection Agent in Memphis SUCKS! Posted At 19:56:47 04/03/2001
Your Lying Games DO NOT WORK Bill Collector Scum!

Chantel (or Shantel or whatever) in Memphis needs to know that Bill Collectors who LIE are only cheating themselves. When I told her I only had $20, that's exactly what I meant! You cannot make me come up with $60 when all I have is $20.

Hey, I'm sorry that I owe the money. But I'm not lying to you, Chantel, so, don't you LIE TO ME. Don't tell me you'll SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO about payment arrangements. You'll be doing yourself and others a big favor.

Stop Lying, you bill collecting, collection agent scum!

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